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Feb 29, 2024

Dustin and I talked about the Colorado Buffalo Cody Williams. 

Cody is an excellent off-ball guard with potential on ball upside

What he has to do offensively to unlock his potential 

Defense is moldable and all issues are fixable

Player Comps 

Feb 21, 2024

Dustin and I talk about the last few weeks of Blazers basketball

We break down the last ten minutes of the game vs Detroit

The things we need to see from Scoot and Anfernee for the rest of the year

Anfernee needing to learn to play off-ball  

Jerami Grant's Long-Term prospects as the full-time Small Forward 


Feb 14, 2024

I talk about the Providence Friars Devin Carter for the second episode of Complementary Pieces.

I talk about his NCAA Journey 

The context surrounding him taking that next step

His potential fit with the Portland Trail Blazers 

Him being a great culture guy wherever he goes

His Player comps 


Feb 11, 2024

Dustin and I talk about the Baylor Bear Ja'Kobe Walter.

We talk about his elite and versatile shooting ability.

The work he would have to put in to be a starting level shooting guard 

His defense and the context around it

The teams he fits well on

His NBA team scheming around his skill set 

Player Comps

HB Merch:...

Feb 7, 2024

Dustin and I talked about the week that was for the Trail Blazers 

Scoot Henderson's fantastic week

The viability of a Scoot Henderson, Anfernee Simons, and Malcolm Brogdon three-guard lineup

The coaching not being creative enough

Predicted the two few games of Blazers Basketball

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